Faithful Supply Happy Face Stickers, Great Reward Smiley Stickers for Teachers & Parents, Yellow Happy Face Stickers Work with Teacher Charts for Classroom use, Fun Bulk Pack (1,120 Stickers per Pack)

  • $13.99

ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A HIGH QUALITY HAPPY FACE STICKER? Our yellow face stickers are made of a high quality paper sticker with a permanent adhesive on a disposable paper liner. These labels are perfect when you want to show some love for hard working student and their homework, craft project or other paper related project. WHERE YOU SHOULD NOT USE THESE STICKERS? These happy stickers are made with a permanent adhesive so we are telling you to not use them on clothes, skin or another other place where you do want a permanent smile sticker to remain. WHAT ABOUT THOSE ADULTS IN YOUR LIFE WHO COULD USE SMILE FACE STICKERS ONCE IN A WHILE? Choose from one of our seven unique smily face stickers to get that grown up in your life smiling once again.