Faithful Supply 250/case Wrapped Plastic Spork Straw and Napkin - Great Cutlery Kit for Kids, Teachers and School

  • $39.99

HAVE YOU EVER BEEN IN A BIND FOR TIME? HAVE YOU EVER BEEN STRESSED OUT ABOUT GETTING READY FOR A PARTY? That's where Faithful Supply's Individually Wrapped Cutlery Kits can help you save time and money. Each one of our disposable spork set comes as a wrapped cutlery kit including a medium duty spork, a 10" x 10" single ply napkin and bendable plastic straw. In addition, as each of these are medium duty wrapped spork sets, you can count on these plastic silverware packets meeting not only your party needs but these are perfect for packing in your lunch at work or at school. BUT WHAT ABOUT THE ENVIRONMENT? AREN'T I JUST ADDING TO THE PROBLEM? The good news is that all parts of these spork sets individually wrapped are completely recyclable. The plastic utensils set are make of recyclable polypropylene while the napkin is 100% paper as well as the wrapper is also recyclable.